M/LWD-EM-MWD-Combined Telemetry

Our Guidance Systems are Industry standard with the latest technology in wireless and decoding. Our Posotive Pulse PP-MWD is prepared to take on temperatures up to 175°C and 20.000 PSI, we have engineered our Pulser to be more reliable with fewer moving parts and shortened the overall length. All tools are retrievable and reseatable to minimize the chance of losing tools donwhole.

Our EM-MWD systems operate independently of drilling hydraulics, taking survey without the need of having pump on. EM Technology is superior in data transmission and up to 4 times faster than PP-MWD, gaining faster updates and eliminate the problems associated with LCM.

Combined Telemetry join the best of both worlds, Mud Pulse and EM. This tool gives you the ability to maximize data transmisssion by EM and use pulse when EM signal cannot reach the surface having the reliable mud pulse data available to finish the well without tripping for MWD failures.