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AUSTRAL offers a complete package of Directional Drilling Service

Well Planning & Engineering

A detailed WellPlan Begins with your first call, after exchenging vital information our Wellplaning team strat designing the best approach to the well at hand

Remote Monitoring & Drilling

Remote Operations are possible with today's technology. We pair with recognized EDR Systems to collaborate and deliver the best way to drill a wellremotely

M/LWD-EM-MWD-Combined Telemetry

Our Guidance Systems are Industry standard with the latest technology in wireless and decoding

Mud Motors & Perfomance Drilling

We recognize that in order to provide superior services we must be adaptable to our clients' needs

Survey Management & Drilling Optimization

With the more demanding and tighter Well Placement requirements, we pair up with a Canadian lndependent Survey Management Company leader in this market to establish a group of specialist to support the growing needs in wellbore accuracy internationally

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