The MWD Field Operator’s role is to manage and accomplish the efficient operation of all Navigation System, client relationship, equipment. MWD Field Operator perform some or all of the following duties: Performing an exhaustive inspection on the MWD System assigned before travel to the worksite. Receive/Ship all the necessary tools required for the job. Request all necessary information required in order to run the MWD System. Assemble all MWD Components and Surface equipment according with the Drilling program. Carry on drilling operations according to Directional Plan. Verify all information coming from the downhole MWD tool are accurate and under parameters, tolerances and policies. Act in a professional manner, with good faith and behavior towards all co-workers at worksites. Complete in full all required Paperwork. Disassemble all MWD Components and Surface equipment and return to the Base, Services all the equipment to be ready for the next job. All services must be done under specifications. Responsible for wearing at all worksite personal protective equipment (PPE) including: eye protection, head protection, hand protection, foot protection, hearing protection, protective clothing, and coveralls. Comply with government and company safety regulations. Implement all company’s policies and procedures.


Minimum Five Year’s of Directional Drilling Experience. Preference Bilingual English-Spanish Preference with a Engineering or Technical Degree. On call avalailability 24 hours. Ability to effectively prioritize and execute task in a high pressure environment. With residence in Comodoro de Rivadavia-Argentina


Skills acquired through experience in the form of minimum 5 years righand or higher job exposure, or as electronic / computer background. Ability to read and interpert designed well plans, directional survey information and other well site data. Ability to demostrate technical aptitude of required standards. Must possess good communication, arithmetic, data entry and recording skills. Good knowledge of rig safety rules. Directional Drilling Softwares for Planning/Cost and daily operations. Fluids Hydraulic Calculations. Survey Management / Survey Corrections.