History & Experience

AUSTRAL Integrated Services is a Conventional and Non-Conventional Directional Drilling Service provider. Since its starts 11 years ago the upper management of the company brings field experience, solid base in Directional tool manufacturing and directional drilling service. Together with over 80 years of combined experience on different continents and On/Off-Shore drilling.

We pride ourselves in always being on the cutting edge of technology. With manufacturing facilities in Conroe - Texas and Calgary - Alberta gives the advantage to pair innovation with robust and reliable technology to meet particular client's needs and expectations. Since it's founding AUSTRAL has grown to be a trusted independent directional drilling company in the industry.

"AUSTRAL prides itself on always being a complete solution for directional drilling services worldwide"

With over 2200 Wells experienced in Canada, United States, Colombia, India, Papua New Guinea. Our experienced management team drilled in Venezuela, Bolivia, Brazil, Peru, Chile. We have also provided solutions in high temperature environments such as Bakken Shale, Haynesville Shale, and Eagle Ford Shale.